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Deals and Sales Tax

Learn how to set up and configure the objects necessary to calculate sales tax on Deals, Aftermarket Items, and Inventoried Parts.

Deals & Sales Tax

There are several different areas where taxes need to be configured in the system before sales tax can be calculated.The objects involved are listed below. 


After Market Item (DT) 

A non-standard item added to a deal. These represent parts, sublets, labor items etc.

When the taxes are calculated on the Deal each item has taxes calculated individually when the After market Item, contains a reference to a Misc Tax Code. Each After market Item that references a Misc Tax Code uses the “Non-Standard Rate” stored in the Misc Tax Code to determine the Sales Tax for the specific After market Item.

Deal Tax (DT)  

This object stores information used to help calculate taxes. A Deal Tax Line will contain a flat rate tax or a percentage rate.

To calculate taxes the percentages are added together as the “Standard Rate” and multiplied against the taxable total. Then any flat rate items are added to the product tax rate calculation.

If desired, insert Deal Tax objects of type “Template”, so end-users can manually add tax lines to a Deal.

Location (DT)

This object represents the physical location of each roof top in your organization.

The Location determines the source of the Tax Rate.

Misc Tax Codes (DT)

These are special tax percentage rates that store a reference to a Location and Product.

When an After Market Item contains a reference to a product the Location on a Deal is referenced to determine the appropriate Misc Tax Code to apply to the After Market Item. The calculated Misc Tax Code will apply a tax exemption or a special rate.

Name (String) - the name of this code
Location (Lookup) - a Location
Product (Lookup) - a lookup to a product
Rate (percentage) - the non-standard tax rate
Taxable (checkbox) - Determines if any tax should apply
Product (Std)

The Standard product object act as classifications of products.

Tax Zone (DT)

This object stores a reference to a geographical location and the relevant tax rate that applies to the geographic location.

Our system determines the tax zone based on Location of a Deal.

Avatar Tax offers free tax rate downloads here:

Parts Kit (DT) and Part Kit Items (DT)

When creating a Deal a user creates an After Market Item by adding Parts, Sublets and Labor to the deal. In some cases the Org may include groups of many parts and pre selected labor amounts. These pre-set groups of Parts are called Parts Kits and the sub-parts added to a Parts Kit are called Parts Kit Items.

Parts Kit that does not contain any Parts Kit Items  may have a Product Tax Code set, and the kit will be added as an individual After Marker Item. When adding Parts Kits withParts Kit Items to a Deal the Parts Kit Items and Labor amounts are added as individual After Market Items. When adding Parts Kit and Part Kit Items to a Deal the generated After Market Item will inherit the tax rules from the object that created it.