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Discount / Rebate

object description

Label Detail API Name Type
Amount Amount of the rebate, either a default amount if Type is template, else the actual value of the discount or rebate on the deal record. dealer__Amount__c Currency (16,2)
Deal Associated Deal the discount / rebate applies to. dealer__Deal__c Lookup(Deal)
Description Description of the applied discount or rebate.  Also used within the template to pre-populate the description when sold on Deals dealer__Desc__c Text(255)
Gross Picklist specifying if the Front End or Back End gross is affected by the applied discount.  Valid values for this input or NULL,FE,BE dealer__Gross__c Picklist
Taxable Is this value taxable on the record for which it is applied. dealer__Taxable__c Checkbox (Boolean)
Type Reporting grouping of discount or rebate type as applied to records. dealer__Type__c Picklist