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Service Repair Orders

Service Repair Orders detail work performed by the service shop. Repairs must be performed on a service vehicle, either customer owned, or owned by the dealership.

Object Name: Service Repair Order

Object API Name: dealer__Service_Repair_Order__c

Label Detail API Name Type
Account   dealer__Customer__c Lookup(Account)
Color Code   dealer__Color_Code__c Text(7)
Comments   dealer__Comments__c Long Text Area(3600)
Company   dealer__Company__c Lookup(Location)
Company Number   dealer__Company_Number__c Picklist
Conversion Manufacturer   dealer__Conversion_Manufacturer__c Formula (Text)
Create Date/Time   dealer__Create_Date_Time__c Date/Time
Customer   dealer__Customer_Contact__c Lookup(Contact)
Customer Charges   dealer__Customer_Charges__c Currency(7, 2)
Customer Invoice Total   dealer__Customer_Invoice_Total__c Formula (Currency)
Customer Labor Charges   dealer__Customer_Labor_Charges__c Currency(7, 2)
Customer Number   dealer__Customer_Number__c Text(25)
Customer Parts Charges   dealer__Customer_Parts_Charges__c Currency(7, 2)
Customer Pay Labor   dealer__Customer_Pay_Labor__c Roll-Up Summary (SUM Service Job Lines)
Customer Pay Parts   dealer__Customer_Pay_Parts__c Roll-Up Summary (SUM Service Job Lines)
Customer Sublet Charges   dealer__Customer_Sublet_Charges__c Currency(7, 2)
Customer Tax   dealer__Customer_Tax__c Currency(6, 2)
Days Down   dealer__Days_Down__c Formula (Number)
Deposit   dealer__Deposit__c Currency(6, 2)
Discount Code   dealer__Discount_Code__c Text(15)
Discount Total   dealer__Discount_Total__c Currency(5, 2)
Discount Type   dealer__Discount_Type__c Picklist
Dispatched   dealer__Dispatched__c Checkbox
Estimate   dealer__Estimate__c Currency(6, 2)
Expected Service End   dealer__Expected_Service_End__c Date/Time
Expected Service Start   dealer__Expected_Service_Start__c Date/Time
External ID   dealer__External_ID__c Text(18) (External ID) (Unique Case Insensitive)
Franchise Code   dealer__Franchise_Code__c Picklist
Freight Charges   dealer__Freight_Charges__c Currency(12, 2)
Hazardous Materials   dealer__Hazardous_Materials__c Currency(6, 2)
Internal Charges   dealer__Internal_Charges__c Currency(6, 2)
Internal Labor Charges   dealer__Internal_Labor_Charges__c Roll-Up Summary (SUM Service Job Lines)
Internal Parts Charges   dealer__Internal_Parts_Charges__c Roll-Up Summary (SUM Service Job Lines)
Inventory Vehicle Status   dealer__Inventory_Vehicle_Status__c Formula (Text)
Invoiced Date/Time   dealer__Invoiced_Date_Time__c Date/Time
Lift Cycle Count   dealer__Lift_Cycle_Count__c Number(18, 0)
Lift Manufacture    dealer__Lift_MFG__c Text(40)
Lift Model   dealer__Lift_Model__c Text(40)
Lift Serial Number   dealer__Lift_Serial_Number__c Text(40)
Location   dealer__Location__c Picklist
Mileage In   dealer__Mileage_In__c Number(8, 0)
Mileage Out   dealer__Mileage_Out__c Number(8, 0)
Number of Repair Lines   dealer__Number_of_Repair_Lines__c Roll-Up Summary (COUNT Service Job Lines)
Open Flat Rate Hours   dealer__Open_Flat_Rate_Hours__c Roll-Up Summary (SUM Service Job Lines)
Open Job Lines   dealer__Open_Job_Lines__c Roll-Up Summary (COUNT Service Job Lines)
Parts Cost   dealer__Parts_Cost__c Roll-Up Summary (SUM Service Job Lines)
Parts Invoice   dealer__Parts_Invoice__c Lookup(Parts Invoice)
Posted Date/Time   dealer__Posted_Date_Time__c Date/Time
Promise Date   dealer__Promise_Date__c Date
Promise Time   dealer__Promise_Time__c Text(8)
Recommendations    dealer__Recommendations__c Long Text Area(3600)
Rewards ID   dealer__Rewards_ID__c Formula (Text)
Rewards Number   dealer__Rewards_Number__c Formula (Text)
RO Number repair order number dealer__RO_Number__c Text(18) (External ID) (Unique Case Insensitive)
Sales Inventory Id   dealer__Sales_Inventory_Id__c Formula (Text)
Service Advisor   dealer__Service_Advisor__c Lookup(User)
Service Advisor ID   dealer__Service_Advisor_ID__c Text(10)
Service Advisor Name   dealer__Service_Advisor_Name__c Text(80)
Service Vehicle   dealer__Vehicle__c Lookup(Service Vehicle)
Shop Supplies   dealer__Shop_Supplies__c Currency(7, 2)
Status   dealer__Status__c Picklist
Tag#   dealer__Tag__c Text(8)
Tax   dealer__Tax__c Currency(6, 2)
Taxable   dealer__Taxable__c Checkbox
Total Flat Rate Hours   dealer__Total_Flat_Rate_Hours__c Roll-Up Summary (SUM Service Job Lines)
Total of Payments    dealer__Payments_Total__c Currency(16, 2)
Total Repair Order Charges   dealer__Total_Repair_Order_Charges__c Formula (Currency)
upload Customer   dealer__upload_Customer__c Text(18)
User Location Matches Does the Location of the Current user match the Location of the Repair Order dealer__User_Location_Matches__c Formula (Checkbox)
Vehicle Inventory    dealer__Vehicle_Inventory__c Lookup(Vehicle Inventory)
VIN   dealer__VIN__c Text(17)
VIN (Service Vehicle)   dealer__VIN_Service_Vehicle__c Formula (Text)
Waiting?  is customer waiting  dealer__Waiting__c Checkbox
Warranty Auth #   dealer__Warranty_Auth__c Text(10)
Warranty Charges   dealer__Warranty_Charges__c Currency(6, 2)
Warranty Comments   dealer__Warranty_Comments__c Text Area(255)
Warranty Labor Charges   dealer__Warranty_Labor_Charges__c Roll-Up Summary (SUM Service Job Lines)
Warranty Parts Charges   dealer__Warranty_Parts_Charges__c Roll-Up Summary (SUM Service Job Lines)