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How to add Users to a Location

DealerTeam allows dealerships with multiple roof tops to keep track of each location separately.  Once a location has been added, learn how to assign users.


When a Location has been added, learn how to assign Users to that location. This action is required to be done by an Administrator before a User can set their location in the My Dealership widget, located in the sidebar. 

My Dealership widget

The User will receive this error message if they have not been added to a location and attempt to select that location using the My Dealership widget. 

Location error message when a user has not been added to a dealership location 

First Step

Begin by navigating to the All tabs + and click on the available Locations Tab. 

all tabs + find Locations in available tabs

click locations


Click on the desired Location DT Motors.

choose the location

Second Step

Scroll down the detail page and find the related list Dealer Location Users. Click the New Dealer Location User button.  


new location user button

Third Step

The Dealer Location will be pre-populated. Use the look-up icon to search for available Users to assign to the location. 


use look-up icon to search for users

Click Save

click save


The User will now be assigned to the Location.

user assigned to location