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Navigate the Home Page

You have successfully logged in, now what? Take a spin around DealerTeam and learn how to navigate the home page.


Navigate the Home Page is an introduction to the DealerTeam home tab. It describes the standard page layout and different features available to the User.

To get started, this overview explores the Home Tab, Side Bar and Main Pane. Navigate the home page and explore the Global Search, Applications, Tab Bar, Tasks and Events, Dashboards, and My Settings.

Your Home Tab

When you login the Home tab will open first. The look and feel of your home page will be similar to other home pages, but the tab bar, tasks, and events are specific to you.

There are two main panes and a collection of tabs across the top of the screen. These tabs are customized based on your role and the selected application.  

  • The Sidebar has create new, shortcuts, recent items, custom links, messages and alerts, and the recycle bin. 
  • The Main Pane has three or more sections. Typically these include your Chatter Feed, Dashboard, Calendar, and My Tasks.
Snap shop of the home page layout.

Home Tab.png


Navigate the Home Page

To help navigate the home page we have dissected it into multiple parts.

Exploring the Header.

Header Home Page.png 

  1. Global Search: Find information fast by entering keywords and clicking Search. A search results page appears with lists of records that match your keywords. 
  2. Tab Bar: The tabs across the top of the page are how you will navigate DealerTeam. When you click a tab, the tab’s home page appears with sections for views, tools, and   reports to help you manage your work.  You can customize your tabs, so the most important features to you are always present.
    • Each Tab corresponds to an object. Objects (not pictured) are things you interact with such as vehicle inventory and prospects. 
    • Use the (+) to access All Tabs. 
  3. My Settings: Click your name in the top-right corner and in the drop down menu choose between My Profile, My Settings, and Log Out.  
    • ​​​To modify your Personal Setup click on My Settings and navigate the different tabs in the side bar.
    • To include a profile picture and add contact information go to My Profile. You can also view your chatter feed and make posts here
  4. Help and Training: Dive into the knowledge base and go cross eyed reading a ton of support articles and self-help tutorials.
    • Note - This is support for standard Salesforce and not specific to the DealerTeam application.   
  5. Applications:  A customized collection of tabs, Applications are defined by your role in the dealership. Here are some common Applications and the viewable tabs each team will typically see:
    • Accounting & Business Office - Home, Chatter, Accounts, Car Deals, Documents, GL, GL Accounts, Finance Companies, Reports, Dashboards

    • Service Department – Home, Chatter, Service Appointments, Accounts, Service Vehicles, Service Estimates, Service Repair Orders, Dashboards, Reports​

    • Inventory Department – Home, Chatter, Accounts, Service Vehicles, Vehicle Inventory, Service Repair Orders, Service Estimates, Dashboards, Reports

    • Sales Department – Home, Chatter, Desk Log, Sales Ups, Accounts, Car Deals, Vehicle Inventory, Reports, Dashboards, Ideas

  6. DTlogo_highlited.png  Upload your company logo and brand the page.
  7. setup.png Setup may or may not be visible in the header. This depends on the user role and access is controlled by the system administrator. Setup opens the whole can of worms and is best reserved .

The Side Bar 

    The side bar can be stationary or a collapsible feature. It's a useful tool that provides quick access to records and short cuts. Locate the tiny blue arrow to the right of the Create New dropdown arrow to collapse the side bar. This arrow is commonly overlooked when a user logs in and the feature is collapsed. Expand the side bar by clicking the small arrow to the left of your profile picture        

Click to Collapse

side bar.png

Side Bar Features Explained 

Create New is a drop down menu that allows quick access to create new records. The options in the drop down are in relationship to objects in the tab bar. 

Shortcuts allow the user quick access to features


Recent Items show the last 10 records viewed and provides a hyperlink to return to that record with a single click. The icons represent the type of record. 








Custom Links can be configured to give quick access to regularly visited websites. 


Messages and Alerts display important communications from your teams and managers.

Recycle Bin is available to retrieve records you've deleted over the last 30 days.   

Click to Expand

sidebar arrow.png




  The Main Pane

The Dashboard, Calendar, and My Tasks are the three main components that make up the body of the main pane. The Chatter Feed is a fourth component and is collapsible by clicking the Show Feed, Hide Feed button. There is a related chatter feed at the top of every page and it is specific for the open record. For now it's important to know where the chatter feed is located. It will be covered in detail later. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.16.36 PM.png Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.17.01 PM.png
The Dashboard

When you’re driving a vehicle the dashboard shows you important measurements like speed, fuel, and temperature. In DealerTeam, your dashboard shows you the most important metrics, or key performance indicators. Dashboards are customizable and can be built to display a wide variety of metrics. Your dashboard is a collection of reports presented in a simple chart format. You can drill down and examine the details of each report by clicking the chart. We will examine reports and dashboards in more detail later.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.29.48 PM.png

Tasks and Calendar Events

tasks and events.png

My T​asks and Events

The tasks section includes important information about related records and manages your to-do items. Once a task has been create or assigned to you it is open has to be manually closed. An open task will turn red to indicate it's passed the due date.

  1. From the home page your tasked can be closed by clicking the blue X.  
  2. The example shows Today+Overdue. Use the blue arrows to select a list view to display the desired tasks. You can quickly toggle between list views to display all the options listed below. If you don't see a new task, check the list view.  
    • ​​​Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 5.00.07 PM.png
  3. Events on your calendar are date and time specific. They are different from tasks as they will expire when the scheduled time passes. They do not have to be manually closed.
  4. The Calendar shows today's date highlighted in blue. You can open a daily planner by clicking on any specific date. 
  5. The icons are shortcuts to view your individual calendar, a joint calendar, and a full list view of tasks and events that can be customized. The numbers 1, 7, 31 quickly display your calendar schedule for the day, week, and month.  

     XX  The buttons "New and New Event" are not recommended for creating new tasks and events. These buttons do not relate to any objects and require additional effort from the user to manually populate all related data. Learn a better way to create tasks and events through managing your work plan  XX