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Sales Department Feature Overview

Overview of the features available in the DealerTeam application most relevant to sales department users.

This guide provides an overview of product features and functions to the Sales Department 

Sales Lifecycle

Sales Control 

Desk Log
Monitor the daily activity in your dealership and control the flow of traffic. Display working sales ups and progress in the sales process. Mark a customer in store and know when appointments show. Display the salesperson working with customer and add a second salesperson when needed. Quickly set new appointments and update the sales process in real time. Know when a salesperson is presenting a vehicle, who is on a demo, and when a customer agrees to the write-up. The desk log is responsive to the sales process and turns green when a new deal is made.
Traffic Log
Not all customers want to give their personal information. Use the traffic log to capture phone calls and walk-ins to record the days activity. Add a quick description to note the appearance of the customer and set the date and time they visited the dealership. Connect a traffic log to a new sales up with the click of a button when a salesperson makes a friend. Learn important analytics on conversion ratios and how effective your sales team is at communicating with new customers.

Sales Up 

Customer Details
The sales up is a prospecting record that connects a customer account to a desired vehicle. Collect the name, phone, email, and mailing address of the customer. Add any information regarding a co-buyer. Record the lead type, lead date, and status. Capture what source directed the customer to the dealership. Mark if the customer is in store or an internet lead. Measure response time, attach salespersons, assign ownership, and monitor progress made in the sales process.
Desired Vehicles
The desired vehicle will display in the lead name when the Stock# look-up field is used to add a vehicle that is in stock. Searching by Stock# and saving the vehicle to the sales up will auto-populate the description fields from the vehicle inventory record. If the desired vehicle is not in stock, populate the fields manually and learn what your customers are shopping for.
Add financial information to the sales up. Record pre-qualified loan amounts, desired monthly payments, and any anticipated down payment. Determine whether the customer intends to purchase or lease. Learn about their current monthly payment and preferred financial institution.
Trade Information
If there is a trade vehicle, capture the year, make, model, and mileage. Record the VIN, add comments, and make an appraisal. Log the trade-in as a new service vehicle when purchased and notify the service manager and used car manager.


Create Appointments
Click a button to create appointments from the sales up. Display set appointments on a monitor in the store. Confirm appointments and know when the customer arrives by marking the appointment as Show. Email notifications and text reminders to salespeople and managers to improve response times.
Be Backs
Keep tabs on the customers that don't buy and come back to the store. Trigger follow-up tasks assigned to the record owner. Know the next activity date and when a follow-up appointment has been scheduled.

Follow Up

Open Activities
Record open follow-up tasks in the related sales up record. Mark the subject of the task whether it's a call, email, promotional letter, or a quote. Mark the due date and status, and quickly add comments. All tasks are displayed on the home page of the record owner. Reminders can be set for all tasks. Past-due activities are displayed in red and can be reported to management.
Activity History
Record all completed follow-up in the sales up record. Create a communication tread between the salesperson and the customer. Log calls, send emails, and SMS messaging when available. Collect and store valuable information for future reference. New salespeople assigned to the customer can learn about the context of past conversations and gage the temperature of the prospect.
Automated Workflows
Build automated workflows to enhance your dealerships follow-up policy. Create a lead-notification alert and send an email to the assigned salesperson when they have a new lead. Assign future tasks to the sales team based on time-dependent workflows. Enforce your desired method of customer follow-up and hold the sales team responsible.


Convert a sales up into a car deal with the click of a button. Desk the deal. Gather all the information needed to work the numbers and close the deal. Keep information in organized tabs.

The Purchase Tab has a summary of the important information for quick reference. Display the Deal# and Date, Vehicle Stock#, Price, List, Discounts, Deposits, Trade Amounts, Financial Terms, Fees, Taxes, and Salespersons and Managers working the deal. 
Display the information from the vehicle record. Use the Stock# to map the information into the deal screen.
Collect all the information needed for a buyer, co-buyer, and/or a company and broker.
Add a up to three trades and capture the trade allowance, payoff, net, ACV, and trade vehicle information.
Gather information about the lender and include deferred payment amount, due dates, payee notes, and additional payments.
Capture service contracts, GAP, maintenance contracts and other insurance products which you can define such as roadside protection.
Aftermarket Items
Sell additional items including parts and labor with totals related to the deal and a We Owe automatically generated.
Stay compliant by capturing the customers insurance before delivering the vehicle.
Record and disclose all fees associated with the deal.
Create custom forms and populated through merge fields. Save valuable time by printing completed forms for the customer to sign on your own paper or state mandated carbon paper on an impact printer.


Set your business processes and approval requests to be finished automatically.
Process Builder provides a simple point-and-click interface to automate business processes. You can create automatic email alerts for deals over a certain size, auto-assign tasks as a deal moves through the different stages, and more.

Visualize and create any process with drag-and-drop simplicity.
Complex sales processes can be automated with drag-and-drop actions in Process Builder. Create workflows that guide sales agents through qualification conversations, intelligently recommend next steps on a deal, or automate manual tasks like filling out orders or putting together complex proposals.

Simplify the approval process to keep deals in motion.
Automate the approval process for simple or sophisticated business requests, including deal approvals, and recon estimates. You can respond to approval requests directly in Chatter, on your mobile device or via email.

Reports and Dashboards

Build reports without help from IT.

Our analytics software keeps you updated with customized reports that you can build with ease. Just drag and drop the fields, filters, groupings, and charts that you want, and get an immediate real-time view.

Modify charts in your report, on the same screen.
Tack team performance with dashboards and other reporting tools, and quickly make changes to components to get the most important information front and center.

Make critical decisions from anywhere.
Use the customer analytics software within the Salesforce1 Mobile App to help you check on your key business metrics from anywhere. From email and sales up management to tasks and collaboration, get what you need to close deals faster, on any device.