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Activities Completed Per Day

This report gives an overall idea of employees' activities over a range of time. 


The report is grouped by the Assigned value of an Activity. Typically this corresponds to the Salesperson on a Lead, shown below in darker blue.

 Activities Completed Per Day Sample Report

Jumping down a level, each employee's Activities are grouped and sorted by the Date Completed.

One user's activities over a range of dates


The three columns, Subject, Related To, and Comments, dive deeper into the individual Activities. The Subject column shows the subject of the Activity, typically referring to the type of communication, however it can also be filled in with a custom word. The Related To column shows the record that the Activity is attached to. This can be anything from a Lead to a Deal to a Vehicle Inventory record. Lastly, the Comments column shows the notes that were taken on the Activity.

One user's activities with column names



It's easy to drill down and get specific with reports.

Time Frame

The date range can be changed using the box marked 'Time Frame'. By default, the Activities Completed Per Day report shows the current day's completed Activities. 

Time Frame: Today Only

To view a different date range of completed Activities, either select a different option from the Range dropdown menu, or type in custom dates in the From and To boxes. 

Time Range: Last 30 Days

Be sure to click the Run Report button on the left hand side to put the date change into effect.



By default, this report shows all employees' Activities for the given date range. To specify one or more employees' Activities to display, simply check the box next to their names and click the Drill Down button located below the Grand Totals.

 Report with one employee checked, pre drilled down

The filters on the report will then change to specify just the checked names.

Report drilled down to one employee