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Appraisals Mobility

Create appraisals for Trade-ins and Curb Purchases. Add photos to the Chatter feed, note existing damage, calculate reconditioning estimates and appraisal valuation.


Learn how to create an Appraisal for a Trade-in or Curb Purchase vehicle. 

It is best practice to create a Sales Up and relate a new appraisal to the open Sales Up record. A standard Sales Up is used for a prospect with a trade-in, where a Curb Purchase is used for a customer only interested in selling a vehicle to the dealership. Both a Sales Up and Appraisal record can be created individually and connected later using a simple look-up field.   

Begin by selecting the Appraisal Tab ---> New

Appraisal Tab, click New 

 helpNote_icon.gif  To create an Appraisal Number (month / day / year + sequence number), complete the first step and Save the record. Add Damage Notations and Reconditioning Expense after the Appraisal Number is created.  

First Step - Create New Appraisal

From the Sales Up click on Start Appraisal. 

From the Sales Up click on Start Appraisal. 


Starting the appraisal from the sales up will populate Requested by (user), Store location (location of the user), Sales up in relation to the appraisal.

Add requested by and the deal number to transfer trade information to the deal.
Add requested by and the deal number to transfer trade information to the deal.


Vehicle Information allows for a quick Vin Decode of the vehicle. Manually select the Body Type and enter the Last Odometer.  Use the lookup to add a Vehicle Owner Account when one exists. Use the pick lists to set the Conversion MFG, along with the Ramp Location and Ramp Operation mechanics.   

Note: Vin information and Decode Vin will populate if added in the sales up by entering Vin in the Trade Vin field and clicking on decode Vin Button.  See Add Add Trade-in To Sales up

Vehicle Info explained


Sourcing provides a pick list to select where the vehicle was purchased and includes a URL field to list the advertising website. 

sourcing explained


Second Step - Damage Notation

After the Appraisal record is created, an image of the vehicle will be populated under the Damage Notation section. Use your mouse to add marks to the images and indicate where cracks, scratches, and dents are present on the vehicle. Click Clear Marks to remove the notations. 

Damage Notation Tool explained  

Reconditioning Expense

Appraisal Valuation and Reconditioning Expense are available after the appraisal is Saved. Enter the description and estimate for each Reconditioning Expense.

Click the Add to Appraisal button to create a list of repair estimates.

Recon Expense description and estimate 

Recon item list total estimates with description

Under the Appraisal/Valuation section, the total reconditioning expense will calculate and update the Reconditioning field each time a line item is added.

Set the Status of the appraisal, enter the Appraised Value and Asking Price, and pick the Acquisition Method.

In the right column, enter the industry pricing for an existing chassis and the determined Conversion Value. 

appraisal/valuation section explained

Third Step - Payment Information

When an appraisal is accepted, record the Payment Methods, Lien holder Phone, and Payoff Expiration Date when needed.  

Payment Information explained

Includes Loan Payoff will prompt bank info when check box is selected. Enter the lender's information in the fields.  

Loan payoff bank info displays when box is checked

Transportation is the final section when creating an appraisal. Note who is responsible for handling transportation of the vehicle. Record the Transportation method as free text. 

Transportation details


Click Save when the appraisal is complete. 

Optional Step - Attach photos to the appraisal

Photos of the vehicle should be added to chatter feed, located at the top of the appraisal record. Click Show Feed to expand Chatter.

Show Feed  

Choose the File icon and click Upload a file from your computer

 Post a file to Chatter

Click the Choose File button and select the save photo from your computer to share to Chatter.

  add a photo from your computer to be shared on Chatter

Photos of the Appraised Van will now be available to view in the Chatter Feed. 

photos of van in Chatter feed 

The photos will also be saved to the related-list Notes & Attachments at the bottom of the appraisal record. 

Notes and Attachments related list will display the uploaded files


What's Next

Keep track of Trade-ins and Curb Purchases as vehicles are appraised with the Appraisal Dashboard.