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Add a Desired Vehicle

Add a Desired Vehicle to a Sales Up to track the vehicles of interest on a potential transaction.


Learn how to add a desired vehicle to a Sales Up. 

First Step

Begin by opening the sales up record you wish to add a desired vehicle. Hover over the Desired Vehicles related list. Keep the cursor in the display box and click the button New Desired Vehicle.



Second Step

The Desired Vehicle Edit page will be displayed. When starting from a sales up, the system will pre-populate the sales up field. To add a vehicle NOT in-stock, use the manual input fields to describe the desired vehicle and click save.


To search for a vehicle in-stock use the Vehicle Inventory look-up icon. Follow the 4 step example below. 


Step 1. 

To find a vehicle, enter a description based on Make, Model, Year, or Stock Number and click the look-up icon. 



Step 2.

Choose the desired inventory record from the search results by clicking on the vehicle record. 

Step 3.

The vehicle description will be entered into the Vehicle Inventory field. Click Save 


Step 4.

After saving, you will land on the desired vehicle detail page. Click the sales up hyperlink to return to the sales up record.




The vehicle will now be connected to the sales up record for Marc Slayton. It will be displayed under the related-list for Desired Vehicles. To add more than one desired vehicle, repeat the process.