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Quote a Deal from Scratch

Build and print quick quotes for curious customers in minutes. The quote will be saved with a deal number and available for future use.


Sales Managers need the ability to quote a customer with minimal information.  Not ever customer is going to entertain the process of building a sound sales up before receiving a quote. You may also need to quote a vehicle that is not in stock.  


First Step

Click the Deal Tab, this will take you to all deals. Then click on the New button to create a new deal.

Click the new button under recent deals


Second Step

A list of the most recently viewed deals will display by default.  For this example, we want to create a new deal from scratch.

Click on the Create New Deal from Scratch button. 

click the Create New Deal from Scratch button


This brings up a New Deal window. Add as much, or as little, information as the customer is willing to provide. Select a vehicle from inventory or quote the customer on a special order. Vehicle information not mandatory to build a quick quote. 


build a quick quote


Step Three

After saving changes in the new deal window, it will take you directly into the deal screen. At this point, you can construct your deal.

Adjust the pricing, add equipment, make sure taxes and fees are correct, select a lender, and adjust rate and term. Do this by navigating the tabs on the left or use the  Icon to in-line edit the correlated field. 

navigate the deal screen


Step Four

Click on the Forms Tab when the deal is complete enough to present a quote to the customer. This will display the Mobility Quote form that can be printed with the information created in the deal. 

Forms tab to print quote for customer



To select the form, click on the Green plus sign. In this example we selected Mobility Quote to present to the customer.

Click the print button. 

Select the desired forms to print


The form will be displayed in a PDF format, that can easily be printed, saved or emailed to a customer.


Example of quote as a PDF