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Service Repair Orders

Add job liens and parts to a Service Repair Order, Print Tech Cards and process payments.

OK that was too easy...

So you have mastered Creating Service Appointments, The Scheduler is your Friend and you are starting to see the value there. You will have this whole thing licked in no time flat!  

I thought you said this would help with my Technicians?

Now you need to be able to update your Repair Orders and really use them to organize your department and Keep your Technicians on task. We will dabble in the parts portion of  Dealerteam for these articles. You will also learn how to hand out work utilizing the Tech Card function and process the information that the Technicians give you and input that into the system. We will go over the different Payment Options and see how they relate to the Repair Order. Last but not least we will show you how to accept payment for a Repair Order that is complete.