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Add Job Lines to a Repair Order

Repair Orders can contain up to 200 job lines per invoice.  The job line represents the specific work to be performed.

Goal: Add Job Lines to Repair Orders

After a Repair Order has been created, individual Job Lines are added to build out the scope of work to be completed by a Technician. Standard Operation Codes (OP Codes) are used to create each Job Line Item.

It is a prerequisite to create Op Codes prior to assigning them to a Job line. The details within each Op Code pre-populate, saving the Service Advisor valuable time when added and removed Job Line Items.

To learn how to add new Op Codes, click Standard Op Codes.     

First Step

From an open Repair Order, under the Vehicle Information section, click the Add Job Line button. 

add job line button

Second Step

Use the drop down arrow to select the desired Op Code.

 Click Update to save the Job Line.


select opt code 1

Third Step

Once the Job Line has been created it will receive a line number. The small arrow next to the line number will open and collapse additional input fields. 

Each Job Line contains the following elements:

Concern              : Concern to be addressed with this repair event

Cause                 : Root cause of the issue requiring correction

Correction           : The work performed to correct the concern

Click on little arrow  next to the job line number


Parts                   : Parts related to the specific job line

Click on Parts tab to add a part to the Repair Order

Select part to add to the repair order

You can order parts and also see inventory at multiple locations

Tech Time           : Labor charges and technical clock events related to the labor charges

Select tech to do the work.  Add book time and actual time to the repair order.


Purchase Order  : Outside purchases of expenses to be related to the repair event.

.Add parts with a purchase order to a repair order

Select vendor on a parts order.

Parts Look up for the purchase order.

Add parts to the repair order.

Misc. Charges     : Additional Charges

Adding miscellaneous fees to a purchase order.

What's Next

Each new Job Line can have a different Pay Type. Learn about Multiple Payment Methods for Repair Orders