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Convert Service Estimate to a New Repair Order


Learn how to convert a Service Estimate to a Repair Order.

First Step

  1. Set the App to Service Department.
  2. Click "+" to open all tabs.

DealerTeam select DealerTeam Service

Scroll down and click on Service Estimates.

DealerTeam - click Service Estimate

Click New button to create a new Service Estimate.

DealerTeam - click new button

Click on drop down menu and select Service Estimate then click the Continue button.

DealerTeam - select record type

Second Step

  1. Type Customer name 
  2. Click on the look-up icon to search database for desired name
  3. Select matching Customer name, if not available follow step 4 to create a New account.
  4. Click New button to create a new account and fill in 

  1. Look-up and select Customer or create a new account if you do not find a matching name.
  2. Select Service Vehicle linked to Customer
  3. Input Current Mileage
  4. Look-up Service Repair Order
  5. Select Store Location. Ensure you select Store location because it doesn't default. 
  6. Click on the drop-down menu and select Status of Service Estimate.
  7. Click check box if Service Estimate will be taxable.
  8. Click Save button to complete Service Estimate details. 

Third Step

  1. Add Job Line (Click "Add Job Line" to learn how-to)
  2. Click Add Estimate Lines RO#XXX-XXXX to Repair Order to complete conversion.

What's Next

This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this how-to.