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Print Technician Copy

In this how-to you will learn how to prepare and print a technician copy of the repair order.  This document is commonly used by the technicians on a service event to denote time, comments as well as the cause and corrections associated with each job line.

Printing a Technician Copy of the Repair Order

In the course of business often times service personnel will need to print a paper copy of a Repair Order for the Technician.  This is common practice in many businesses.  Included in the Service Repair Order is the ability to print a Tech Copy including limited information of the repair event to dispatch work to your technicians.

View the Repair Order

To access the printable copy start by locating your Repair Order.  This can be done by searching for the Repair Order number in the global search or accessing the Repair Order from a list view.

Click the Tech Card Button

By clicking the Tech Card Print Button button a new window will open with the Technicians Copy in PDF format.   

If the Tech Card button is not available, please contact you administrator and ask them to add this to the Service Repair Order Page Layout.

Preview the Tech Card and Print

A PDF will open that contains the technician copy of the Repair Order.  Included in this copy are the basic details of the customer and vehicle.  Detailed lines of the work to be performed are included as well.  If a technician is assigned time on a job they are also listed above the Cause/Correction inputs.  Additionally any parts listed on the job line are detailed as well.

Printed Tech Time Card