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Create a Service Contract Template

Create Service Contracts to be used as templates and available to be sold on Deals.


Learn how to create a new Service Contract. 

Step One: Select the Service Contracts Tab

The tab bar displays Tabs based off by the selected DealerTeam App; Sales DepartmentService Department or Parts Department. The tab Service Contracts does not display by default. Learn how to customize the tab bar

To begin, select the All Tabs (+)

 Locate and Click on Service Contracts.

Step Two:

Click New button.

Step Three:

Choose the Record Type from the drop down menu, then click Continue button.

Step Four: 

The required field Deductible is editable but 0.00 by default. Fill in the fields as desired to build out the Service Contract.

Select the check box Contract Template to make the Service Contract available to add to Deals.

Click the Save button. Once saved, Gross will be calculated and display directly under Cost.

What's Next

Service Contracts marked as Contract Templates are available and display on the Deal Screen. Learn how to add a Service Contract to a Deal.