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FDF Forms Uploading

Upload PDF forms to be automatically filled in. Users have access to an upload dialogue, and a button to generate the FDF required to automatically fill in a PDF for laser form printing.


• FDF: The generated code that must contain merge fields to compile a filled out PDF form.

Step 1

Access a form you wish to upload a PDF for. The form should have the “Print Type” set to “FDF”.

FDF New Form Edit


Step 2

To upload forms you will need to be using the “Form Manager Page”.

If you don't see a heading like the one below, talk to your System Administrator.

Form Name Here

You can click the “Select Files” button, or drag-and-drop the PDF you would like to upload.

select files button                                       Drop file in Gray area

 OPTION 1: CLICK SELECT FILES BUTTON                                                                  OPTION 2: DROP A FILE IN THE GRAY AREA

Once the file is uploaded the “DocumentContentID” field will be automatically populated from the database.

Your Form is now uploaded

Step 3

Click the “Generate FDF” Button.  

Generate FDF Button

The “FDF Code” field will be populated with the newly generated FDF code.

Step 4

You may now populate the FDF with the Merge fields.

You may need to cross reference the PDF Form Fields with the field names in the FDF to ensure the merge fields are placed correctly.