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How to Restrict Visibility: Cost and Gross figures


Restrict Visibility in User Profiles: Cost and Gross Figures

In this example: Restrict sales consultants from seeing cost and gross figures, while maintaining access to the Deals object.

First Step

Open the profile overview page. 

From Setup, click Manage Users --> Profiles and click the profile you want to view.

profile overview page

At the top of the profiles list, you can click on the letter "S" in the alphabet to narrow down the selection of profiles that start with that letter.

Click on the profile name Sales Consultant. Do Not click EDIT

Scroll down the Sales Consultant profile and find Field-Level Security. In this section you can set the field-level security for all available objects

Second Step

Under Custom Field-Level Security find the object Deals and click [ View ] 

...then click Edit

field level security

Remove the check marks next to currency fields related to cost and gross figures. Any user with the profile Sales Consultant will no longer have permission to see these fields when looking at a Deal.

set field level security

When finished click Save.